Reparation services

Boats are brought in from far and wide for reparation when coming from the sea. The engines are more prone to damages or clogging by debris found in the sea. Water may accidentally slip into oil cartridges and valves leading to engine failure. Radiators could filter in plastics or garbage that block air inlets rendering the boat into bad conditions. The exterior of the boats could collide with rocks or hit the docks when anchoring at the harbor and this gives badly shaped dents. The dents could be catastrophic to the boats as water could leak to the deck of the boat while at sea leading to capsizing.

Engines also tend to overheat and this a major issue dealt with at Pro Aqua. Calls come asking for assistance due to distress out at sea because of engines overheating. Boats also experience mechanical and electrical issues if not well serviced and maintained. Water may get into the bilge occasionally and is best prevented by keeping the bilge dry. The equipped mechanics at Pro Aqua are well skilled and trained to deal with such mechanical issues that bring unwanted faults to the boats.

Some boats have external belts to drive the boats. External belts tend to snap on using them for a long time or they could wear out eventually. These features need to be checked by professionals before setting out to sea for expeditions. Another feature that most boat owners or users neglect is the battery. The battery needs to be checked regularly to ensure it has enough charge. Propellers too are an aspect of great concern when it comes to boats. Garbage floating in the sea could also block intake leading to engine damage or other faults. Many cases reported at Pro Aqua are of this nature. Clients call in to ask for assistance because the boat propellers are clogged with debris and the boat engine overheats. Pro Aqua is always on standby to send out engineers to tow the affected boats back to shore or conduct repairs for clients so they can go on with their expeditions.

In cases of breakage of camshafts or cracked cylinder heads that lead to mechanical failure, a team is sent out to the open waters to repair them instantly. This however rarely happens to our boats as they are under constant maintenance. The chassis is well strengthened to handle any kind of weather and support the crew on board with their luggage.

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