Harbor Services

Over the years Pro Aqua has ventured in harbor services and it has been a success. Our readily available machinery and tools of the trade such as cranes and towing boats are available to clients who need assistance at the harbor. Our services include:


We tow boats and any ship that breakdown at the harbor and take them to designated stations or garages for repairs.

Tug boats

Our tug boats are extremely powerful and can move boats that crowd the harbor or those that are disabled. Our tugboats produce up to 3000hp to decongest the harbor of any disabled boats or those that are damaged.

Loading and offloading at the docks

Boats carrying heavy cargo with no means of unloading their merchandise often request our cargo cranes to unload the boats with ease without causing damage. In the case of any faulty operation by the crew, we ensure insurance covers any damages incurred in the process but this has never occurred in the past.

Barge cleaning and repairs

Boats coming from oil expeditions or carrying oil from the sea usually require cleaning of the barges. At Pro Aqua we are well staffed with workers and equipment ready to clean out any oil residues that stick to the boats. The barges could be flammable and thus require specialized crew with protective gear to handle such situations.

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