Boats for sale

Pro Aqua is the boating hub to visit or contact for all your boat needs. All the above-mentioned boats are readily available at Pro Aqua upon request. If the client needs boats with extra features or specifications such as high-end engines and bigger carriage capacity, we will help the client locate their desirable boats on time. Our clients can call Pro Aqua offices directly, or email for inquiries or order for boats. All boats, old and new are displayed on our website with all details from the manufacturing date, model and insurance details are also available. Upon visiting the offices, the client can be given a brief preview or tour using the boat they need to test its speed and agility or look at any specific features. The engines are well maintained to ensure no breakdowns are encountered while in open waters. The body and chassis are also well serviced regularly to keep them in tip top conditions. This guarantees smooth and efficient boat experience on purchasing from Pro Aqua.

For clients who need insurance for their boats have no reason to worry as everything is covered at Pro Aqua. Insurance companies in Netherlands have certified our business as top ranking in the business thus giving us the authorization to offer insurance covers for boats on their behalf. The boats available have been tested over and over by firms concerned with maritime safety and have concluded that Pro Aqua offers excellent services and boats are seaworthy. Boats are brought in for scrutiny and service to prove that they are sea worthy and are issued with certificates upon attaining stipulated standards.

A thorough inspection of the boats is done from the interior to the exterior to check for leakages, engine failure or crooked bodies that might cause unwanted incidents. Upon completion of such tests, insurance certificates are given to clients immediately upon purchase of a boat. Other boat companies around Meppel do not enjoy such stature of issuing insurance covers or conducting sea worthiness to the level of Pro Aqua. This is a clear indication of how trusted and fit our company is in offering quality services and caring for customer needs to a personal level.

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