About Us

Jeroen de Boer is a man to look up to in the boat industry at all aspects. His establishment has helped raise the stands in delivering quality service in Meppel. From the sale of quality and affordable boats to reparations of engines, Pro Aqua has set the standards for any institution that needs to set up similar establishments. The boats sold over the period in which the company has been in operation have never had any faults whatsoever and are brought in for servicing and maintenance. The clients have learned to trust the company’s services as they never disappoint. Insurance cover is also available to clients with no insurance on purchasing new boats. The insurance firm in Meppel has bestowed Pro Aqua with necessary certifications to issue boat owners. Boats inspected for sea worthiness are also issued with certificates when they meet all the standards a boat is set to have while out at sea.

Institutions and corporations around Meppel have also come around looking for large boats to carry out events and parties since the accommodation offered is ever on point. Jeroen goes out of his way to request for boats that are not available to suit his clienteles’ specifications. His hospitality and innovativeness regarding boats and reparation services have earned him recognition and several awards from the government and the private sector.

Reparations that are done at Pro Aqua come with benefits as well as new boats sold. All types of spare parts for broken down vessels such as camshafts and cylinder heads are available. Drive belts and propellers are also available on demand. The dedicated team of engineers is readily available to fix all problems presented to them. Different insurance packages are offered to different clients based on their purchase. Warranties and guarantees are also offered for any repairs done by the company for a certain period too. Details about these incredible offers are available at our offices in Meppel.

Our harbor services such as boat tugging, towing as well as barge cleaning are always available and at discounted prices compared to our competitors. Clients with tanks that require barging are also advised on how to ensure no spillage to the sea and any leakage points are repaired instantly on the site.

Heavy cargo from the boats that dock at Meppel is well handled by professionals and taken down for safe keeping or taken to destinations where the client needs them. There is also a storage facility within the harbor for clients who need short term storage of their cargo or merchandise. The warehouses are safe and secure with 24 hours security patrol teams and surveillance cameras. At Pro Aqua we ensure quality service, excellent boats and most of all security of our clients and personnel. This concludes that we have no match in the business and the services offered are unrivaled. Our customers are welcome to visit us at our offices and seek advice at any time they need assistance.

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