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Meppel is a small Dutch city that was established early in the 16th century as an inland harbor. This is a clear indication that people from this old town have the prowess in maritime services. Several boats have docked here seeking professional services from the locals over the years after long cruises out at sea. There is a boat vendor who stands out of the crowd in Meppel, Jeroen de Boer. He comes from a lineage of renowned boat vendors in Meppel. Jeroen is the proud owner of Pro Aqua and he offers world class services in vending boats to clientele who seek adventure out at sea or for those who like to host events on board big boats. He initially worked at the harbor in guiding visitors with parking of their boats at designated areas and conducted repair of engines at a nearby boat vendor. His passion for boat vending grew quickly as he saw the untapped opportunity in Meppel as more visitors came in from far and wide to seek services. This led him to establish his or vending and reparation Company employing a handful of people but the business has grown exponentially over the years.

Pro Aqua not only deals with boats but yachts are also available for hire during the summer. The company also boasts of a mega body shop that deals with reparation of damaged boat parts or engines. Over the years Pro Aqua has been recognized by various institutions for its capability to handle clients with courtesy and competently to meet their needs.

Pro Aqua has a list of boats that are available for sale immediately and also for hire.

Boats such as:

• 2001 Yamaha LS2000

• 2007 Velocity 260

• 2017 Yamaha 212X

• 1993 Wellcraft 24

• 2007 Castoldi Spa

• 2017 Key Largo 2000cc

• 2006 Bayliner 185 Bowrider

• 1985 Dusky Marine 233 FC

There are a variety of boats to choose from in Pro Aqua as the owner has conducted research around Holland to find out what the clients need. Clients who come in looking for any kind of services or assistance with their boats are welcome to visit pro aqua for instant solutions. The team of engineers and craftsmen at Pro Aqua are on standby 24 hours a day to serve incoming clients. Services such as haulage of wrecked boats are available too and the company has a hotline where by voyagers can call for assistance when stranded out at sea.

Larger boats are also available for hire commercially to corporations or large institutions that want to host events such as parties or annual social gatherings. In the recent past, many clients have checked with Pro Aqua to hire/rent boats to carry out their private meetings away from the shores and from the noisy suburbs. A perfect example is a party that was held on board a boat of over 100 feet. The party was held courtesy of leovegas informatie and speelautomaten bij Kroon casino, online casinos in business for its staff members for the launch of their relaunch of the kroon casino free spins feature. Jeroen de Boer, the owner of Pro Aqua, is well connected in the boat industry in his own city and well around Netherlands. Since the party was to be attended by over a hundred guests, Jeroen used his contacts to bring in a bigger boat to contain every guest and ensure there was ample space for them to have the fun they were out to get. No complaints were ever reported pertaining the services offered to clients who visited Pro Aqua. The lending rates, as well as boats for sale, are relatively cheap to acquire depending on the boat specification and duration of use. New and second-hand boats are readily available on call. Pro Aqua works together with Etoro. etoro is a Forex broker that offers different kind of financial instruments to traders.

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